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003 - Special Interview With Poetry Author Kent David Benson

PodcastPeder AadahlComment

In this special episode, Peder went out and interviewed poetry author Kent David Benson on his story, his passion and how he goes about consistently writing his poetry.

If you are wondering why that name might sound familiar, it is because we have highlighted him on past episodes as he has been running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for writing his first ever poetry book.

It was a very special moment for Peder as he was interviewing him in what was the last hour of that campaign knowing that he had surpassed his Kickstarter goal and was going to be able to publish the book.

We hope that those of you who are creative types will learn some insights in how to go about working on your passion and also be encouraged to hone your craft even more.

We also know that Kent's story will also be helpful to anyone who has gone through major setbacks in their life and is looking for some encouragement in moving forward.

Special thanks once again for Kent letting us interview him on his journey of pursuing his dream of writing poetry.

So excited to see where life takes him next.

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